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The spread of COVID-19 has meant a change in shape to our Events Programme for 2020. However, that doesn't mean that the BA Events team has stopped, and we have been working hard to try and establish a new form of event that can connect and engage booksellers in this challenging time for the industry and the world. 

The Booksellers Network Events

The majority of our events are taking place in The Booksellers Network Facebook group. The Booksellers Network exists as a space for booksellers to meet online to share ideas, offer mutual support and provide professional development and networking opportunities. Here's some of what is happening regularly on the Network:

Bookseller Coffee Mornings
Every Wednesday at 11am, there is an opportunity for booksellers to gather together on Zoom over a coffee, and chat. There isn't a structured agenda, this is just a chance for booksellers to share the issues that are on their mind, how COVID has affected their business, and ask for ideas from their peers.

If you are not on Facebook, but would like to join these meetings, please email for the link. 

Facebook Lives
Another regular feature in the Booksellers Network are Facebook Live videos. Each week, usually on a Friday afternoon, we are joined on Facebook by either a bookseller or a related industry professional, who gives a talk on an aspect of business that is relevant to booksellers. So far talks have included a session on mental wellbeing during the crisis, a look into the workings of wholesalers such as Gardners at this time, thinking about being present online, and more. Speakers also allow time for questions in the comments, and are able to answer and interact with booksellers tuning in live. To see these, join The Booksellers Network.

Other BA Digital Events

For those not on Facebook, and in addition to the content posted there, we are also working on more digital events, such as in-depth professional development seminars, and hopefully some author events too. 

Getting Web Ready To Make Your First Sale - A Zoom Seminar with Dan Fridd
On the 27th May we hosted our first non-Facebook BA Digital Event, in the form of a Zoom Seminar. In the seminar, Dan covered the following topics:

1. Buying a domain and the pitfalls of website builders
2. Setting up email addresses on your new domain
3. Creating a Wordpress site and choosing a Theme
4. Linking Woocommerce and uploading stock 

The session has been recorded and is available for members to watch. To gain access, email

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