Caribbean Recipes for the Modern Kitchen 
Marie Mitchell

A collection of recipes from the Caribbean and its diaspora, showcasing the breadth, subtlety and history of Caribbean cuisine

Critically acclaimed and much-loved chef: Marie?s sell-out supper club series, the Island Social Club, was a London institution, with fans including Loyle Carner, Jimi Famurewa and Andi Oliver, all of whom will support the publication
Marie is the guardian of the post-Windrush Caribbean social club tradition: Many first-generation Caribbean immigrant communities were centred around social clubs, but today most of these spaces have disappeared from our cities. In Kin, Marie keeps this tradition of building community through food alive, honours the history of the recipes and brings their flavours into everyone's kitchen and dinner parties
Delicious recipes that are easy to make at home: The dishes in Kin are tasty, accessible and perfect for home-cooked dinner parties ? and are far more subtle and interesting than lazy Western stereotypes of Caribbean cuisine
The sankofa bird on the front cover is an emblem for the book as a whole: Its feet face forward while its head looks back, and in its beak is an egg, advising us to remember the lessons of the past as we journey on into the new world of the future
Charming and charismatic author: Marie is a ray of sunshine, and will be a starring feature of our ambitious publicity campaign

As the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Marie Mitchell's cooking is motivated by a powerful desire to understand and celebrate those recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. In Kin, her hotly anticipated debut cookbook, she shares dishes from the Caribbean and its diaspora, exploring the connection food can foster between different times and different places, and between friends, families and strangers.

Accompanied by gorgeous photographs, many of them shot on location in the Caribbean, the book's eighty recipes - which include crispy saltfish fritters, rich and tempting aubergine curry, slow cooked jerk pork, zingy lime and ginger cheesecake and sweet Guinness punch - confound the widespread misconceptions about Caribbean food that abound in the West, which draw on stereotypes of intense heat, pungent smoke and a handful of familiar dishes. But while chilli is certainly a key ingredient and cooking over fire has a long and storied history, Caribbean cookery is also subtle and playful, layering different notes and spices carefully to create delicate, rewarding flavours.

Crackling with energy and heart, Kin is a love letter to Marie's Caribbean identity, a journey through the region's myriad food cultures and a tribute to this most resourceful, resilient and joyous of cuisines. Here, Caribbean food emerges as one of the first truly global cuisines, borne out of the violent convergence of African, American, European and South Asian cultures in the long, troubling history of empire and emancipation, its legacy preserved - and, ultimately, transformed - by the kinship of those who share food.

Marie Mitchell is the chef and co-founder of Island Social Club, a sell-out Caribbean supper club aimed at filling the void left by the erosion of London?s once thriving Caribbean social scene. Once a deeply fussy child, nowadays she can often be found cooking, talking or writing about food. Based in East London, she believes that the best conversations are to be had at the dinner table, and she is an advocate for social inclusivity, sustainability, and creating spaces for self-care and mental health awareness.

‘Beautiful, familiar and comforting, Kin feels like home, and I can?t wait to buy it for everyone I know. Every kitchen needs a copy’ <b>Candice Carty-Williams, author of <i>Queenie</i></b>
‘An outstanding gem of a book. Marie Mitchell?s stories and recipes are steeped in tradition ? honouring the cultures and people that have shaped her ? and also vibrant, exciting and full of modern twists’ <b>Ixta Belfrage, author of <i>Mezcla</i></b>
‘One of the most hotly anticipated cookbooks of the year’ Gurdeep Loyal, <b><i>Olive</i> magazine</b>
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